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Metro North Clinical Advice Line

Connecting GPs directly to Metro North specialties.

The Metro North Health Clinical Advice Line connects local GPs to specialist advice from hospital and community clinicians. There are two pathways:

  1. Phone line
  2. Written request for advice.

The range of adult specialities currently available to support patient care in the community includes:
(This list will expand over time so keep coming back for the latest advice services available)

1. Phone advice

SpecialtyCatchment*Exclusion Criteria
HaematologyMetro North
  • Excludes Patients under 16 years
Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseRedcliffe
  • Excludes Patient anticipated to require surgical input
Rapid Access to Community CareMetro North
  • Excludes Patients under 16years
  • Excludes Acute mental health, alcohol or drugs related.
  • Excludes Residential Aged Care Facility Residents (Call RADAR - 1300 072 327)
Sexual HealthMetro North
  • Excludes Patients under 14 years
Sleep DisordersTPCH
  • Excludes Patients seen by another Sleep Unit
General Medicine and Rapid
Access Clinic
  • Excludes Cardiology, Heart Failure or Respiratory Conditions
  • Excludes Residential Aged Care residents (Call RADAR - 1300 072 327)
Heart Failure Service and Rapid
Access Clinic
  • Excludes New heart failure patients
  • Excludes Patients seen by another heart failure service
Termination of PregnancyMetro North
  • Excludes Outside Metro North referral catchment

*Catchment – where the patient would usually be referred for a face to face specialist outpatient clinic appointment.

Note: If you think your patient is new to any of these services on the page, please ensure your patient is aware you are seeking advice and they consent to their demographic details, including Medicare number, being provided to Metro North Health at the time of the call.

Call the Clinical Advice Line, Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm on

1800 569 099

Note: this is for GPs only and the phone line is not open to patients.

Other advice lines and services for GPs can be found in our Services contact list

2. Written request for advice

The following specialities can accept a written electronic request for advice from GPs submitted via GP Smart Referral (GPSR) “request for advice” (RFA) with a written response provided back via GPSR:

SpecialtyCatchment*Exclusion Criteria
General MedicineTPCH
  • Cardiology, Heart Failure or Respiratory Conditions
  • Residential Aged Care residents (Call RADAR)

  • Out of catchment for RBWH

*Catchment – where the patient would usually be referred for a face to face specialist outpatient clinic appointment.

Clinical Advice Line
1800 569 099
Open Monday to Friday

Want to learn more?

For more information, please call the advice line or email MNH_SpecialtyAdviceLine

The team can also undertake engagement sessions with interested GPs (Virtual or Face to Face).

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