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Research news

Research improves care of ventilated patients

12 December 2019|

It’s #ThinkyThursday! Today we look at ICU Dietitian Alicia Wiese’s research into improving the nutrition of patients in Intensive Care Units. Working alongside an expert team, Alicia and other researchers have moved away from GRV monitoring and, under a new protocol, have improved health outcomes for patients.

Study brings safety and more understanding around breech births

28 November 2019|

Caboolture Hospital Midwifery Educator Janene Rattray is the hero of today’s #ThinkyThursday! She is helping mothers to better understand options around breech births and is working closely with maternity doctors and midwives to deliver informed, consistent and high-quality care.

Foot disease – the silent patient burden

20 November 2019|

It’s #ThinkyThursday! This week we look at a world-first study led by Dr Pete Lazzarini from #TPCH to investigate the prevalence and predictors of foot disease and complications in inpatients. His research will go on to help both patients and hospital services to better manage the problem.

Less invasive drug administration on the horizon

14 November 2019|

At Metro North we are always looking for ways to improve our patient’s care and experience. Today #ThinkyThursday shares Dr Jayesh Dhanani’s research into discovering a new and less invasive drug administration method. His experiences working with tuberculosis patients in India prompted Jayesh to explore the effectiveness of inhaling medication instead.

A focus on trauma with Professor Michael Reade

31 October 2019|

This week #ThinkyThursday looks at preserving and extending the shelf-life of blood products and resuscitation fluids from five days to two years! As a member of the Australian Defence Force, Professor Michael Reade hopes this research will benefit patients as well as those in the military.

Identifying adverse medication events in the ED

24 October 2019|

This #ThinkyThursday takes us to Caboolture Hospital’s Emergency Department. Dr Sean Clark is piloting a project to quickly identify patients at risk of non-specific medication related events who are presented to the ED. His focus on quality healthcare will benefit the many ED patients presented every year.

Robotic bronchoscopy clinical trial

17 October 2019|

This #ThinkyThursday we look at a trial of ground-breaking robotic technology which can help physicians explore virtual maps of patient’s lungs and airways to detect and sample lung nodules for cancer.

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