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Research news

Getting the numbers right

20 February 2020|

If you’re a nerd for numbers you’ll love this week’s #ThinkyThursday! Biostatistician Anita works on around 20 projects at one time!. Click here to discover some incredible Metro North statistics.

Improving nutrition in hip fracture patients

30 January 2020|

Did you know nutrition is crucial for patient recovery? Check out this #TPCH team who researching how to improve nutrition in hip fracture patients to decrease their length of stay, minimise treatment costs, and improve health outcomes.

Study of new catheter design

23 January 2020|

#ThinkyThursday is back, this time with a talented #RBWH team who are working on a new catheter design. Millions of catheters are used in Australia each year, but the current device has a failure rate of 40 to 50 per cent.

How can we do better?

16 January 2020|

This is the question Metro North Mental Health Director of Psychology Anthony Bligh asked himself while undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Health Services Innovation. #ThinkyThursday research is undertaken to help Metro North offer the best possible healthcare to our patients.

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