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STARS Research Consumer Group

STARS Education and Research Alliance

Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI) is a core part of the Alliance’s Strategic Plan, and in early 2022, we began the development of the STARS Research Consumer Group, to better ensure the vision of ‘no research about us, without us’, providing opportunities for consumers and community members to get involved in all stages of the research cycle, and to shape the education of tomorrow’s healthcare professionals.

To date, 30 consumers are part of the STARS Research Consumer Group.

We have supported consumers to be involved in student education projects, developing research grant applications as members of research teams. Consumers have been supported to be involved in Critical Appraisal Topics (CAT) groups, Clinical Research Think-tanks, and as part of the STARS Clinical Research Committee. Consumers have co-designed health services (eg infection control), public-facing documents, research projects and have contributed to the dissemination of outcomes and the STARS Education Series for clinicians.

We are committed to supporting consumers to help us shape research questions, do research with us, and find ways to share our findings. Involving consumers will help to make sure that the research we do answers questions that are important to those who receive our care.

If you are interested in using your experiences to help shape the care we provide and would like to be involved in the health research we are doing, please contact us via the expression of interest form. For further information about the STARS Research Consumer Group, contact

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