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About the Alliance

STARS Education and Research Alliance

Our vision

Outstanding patient care through the rapid translation of world leading research and the seamless integration of excellent interprofessional education.

  • Translate excellent clinical education and world-leading research into STARS service delivery
  • Drive cutting edge service innovation and technologies (particularly in providing person-centred interprofessional care for patients)
  • Establish STARS as the preferred option for complex rehabilitation patients from across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region
  • Establish STARS as a magnet for attracting leading clinicians, researchers and educationalists from across the globe (both as team members and partners)
  • Empower our passionate workforce to stretch the boundaries as they deliver for the community
  • Expand the impact of STARS beyond the physical building to influence community outcomes

Our role as an alliance

To drive and guide the integration of research, education and clinical practice.

Our purpose

Creating knowledge through research, education and collaborative clinical practice to transform patient care.

Our strategic opportunities

  • Leverage areas where our combined strengths create a distinct advantage
  • Be the hub of excellence that breaks down barriers to translating research into clinical practice
  • Strengthen our visibility, industry presence and networks (including connections across the Herston health precinct)
  • Accelerate our technology and health informatics capability and use it to increase our impact
  • Integrate students into the fabric of STARS and use interprofessional education (for both students and staff) to drive interprofessional practice and more integrated, patient-focussed models of care
  • Be a placement provider of choice for the students and the next generation of our workforce
  • Expand (and actively support) the number of research active clinicians at STARS
  • Align with the research strategies and strategic plans of both Metro North Health and The University of Queensland
  • Ensure research and education opportunities are inclusive, including empowering our First Nation’s workforce
  • Embed the consumer voice in everything we do
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