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Conduct research with STARS

STARS Research and Education Alliance

Want to conduct research with STARS?

If you’re interested in conducting a quality improvement project, please refer to the Safety and Quality webpage (available from a Queensland Health computer only) on the STARS internal (QHEPS) website.

If you’re interested in collaborating with STARS for a research project, please review the information on this website, including the process for new research project collaborations at STARS. We encourage research teams to engage in collaborative discussions with the STARS Education and Research Alliance during the early, planning stages of the project – please contact the Alliance Manager via email on or

To start a collaboration, we will require some preliminary information about the project (eg research team, sponsor, project details including support requested from STARS, and protocol if developed). Please refer to the STARS Clinical Research Collaboration Criteria to understand priorities around the research portfolio in STARS. A Think-Tank may be arranged between the research team and relevant staff in STARS (clinicians, researchers, support staff etc). All research conducted at STARS will require human ethics approval and a site-specific assessment (SSA) that includes STARS as a site. Please refer to the Metro North Health Ethics and Governance webpage for further information.

Process for new research project collaborations at STARS

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