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Information for patients

Genetic Health Queensland (GHQ) provides diagnosis, counselling, and management advice to individuals and families who have, or are at risk of having, a genetic or inherited condition. People who might be referred to GHQ include those who have:

  • a personal or family history of a known or suspected genetic condition such as: muscular dystrophy, chromosome disorder, haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, growth disorders, fragile X syndrome, intellectual or developmental disability, metabolic disorders, or other genetic syndrome
  • a personal or family history of birth defects such as:cleft lip and palate, club foot, congenital heart disease, and spina bifida
  • an increased risk of having children with a genetic condition because of:
    • their ethnic background
    • consanguinity (husband and wife, or partners, are related e.g. first cousins)
    • an increased risk result from screening tests during pregnancy
    • exposure to drugs, alcohol, chemicals, infection or radiation during pregnancy
  • a personal or family history of stillbirths or early infant deaths where tests have indicated a possible underlying genetic cause
  • a personal or family history of cancer.

How to obtain a referral

GHQ is a specialist service and so requires a written referral from your doctor.

What will happen

What will happen before, during and after your appointment.

Patient brochures

Downloadable brochures for patients and carers.

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