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Your stay

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    Enquiries about your health (incoming calls)

    Family and friends can call our general enquiry number and ask to be transferred through to your bedside phone or ward reception. To protect patient privacy and confidentiality, staff will not provide specific medical information.

    General enquiry phone: (07) 3139 4000

    In your room

    Room allocation

    All our wards accommodate both public and private patients. There are no wards specifically for private patients only. The bed you are allocated depends on how sick you are or what type of illness you have. Your bed allocation may change during your stay. This is the case whether you are a public or private patient. Single room allocation is based on clinical need and in line with various management strategies for at-risk patients.

    Television hire

    Television hire, including pay TV and movies, is available at your bedside. Please ask your nurse or ward staff for more information. Please consider other patients and keep noise to a minimum. Basic earphones are supplied or you can use your own personal earphones to ensure other patients are not disturbed.

    Call button

    If you require help, you can alert our nursing staff by pressing a green call button located at your bedside. Alternatively, you can use the green call button on the walls in the bedrooms, showers, toilets or lounge areas. Please do not let children press these buttons.

    Bedside phones

    Phones are installed at most bedsides throughout the hospital.

    Incoming calls

    Depending on your condition, incoming calls can be put through to the bedside phone between 8am and 8pm. Patients cannot be phoned directly. Relatives and visitors calling patients who have bedside phones should phone the Patient Enquiry Number on (07) 3139 4000 and ask for the patient by name.

    External calls

    To make external phone calls, patients must purchase a phone card from the Common Good Cafe. To use the card, dial 018933 from your bedside phone and follow the voice prompts.


    No personal toiletries or tissues are provided by the hospital. It is your responsibility to provide these items. Some items are available to purchase at the Common Good Cafe.

    Dentures, glasses and aids

    Your items can be easily misplaced in a busy environment. It might be helpful to name your items. Please bring a container or bag to store your dentures, glasses or hearing aids. Ask staff if you need a denture container.

    Electrical appliances

    While in hospital, you are not permitted to use personal electrical appliances that require plugging into an electrical point. On the rare occasion this equipment is needed, it must be checked by hospital engineering staff before use. This is to ensure your safety and the safety of other patients and staff. Battery operated appliances can be used. Please ask your ward staff if you need any further information.

    Lounge rooms

    Each ward area has a patient lounge room for your comfort. We would appreciate if you could please keep these areas neat and tidy.


    Your healthcare team will work together to select the most appropriate medication for your care.

    Meals (Room Service)

    We are pleased to offer Room Service for patients admitted to TPCH. All meals are freshly prepared and can be ordered at your convenience and delivered to your room within 45 minutes of ordering.

    TPCH Room Service chef's hat symbolHow to order & room service menu

    We understand some patients prefer their own food. Please note we do not take responsibility for food that is brought in by visitors for patients. We advise visitors who wish to bring food for patients to choose low risk food and check with staff before giving to their relative. Please be aware that due to food safety regulations, ward fridges are cleaned daily and opened food/fluids discarded after 24 hours.

    Breeze Cafe and the Common Good Coffee Shop serve freshly brewed coffee, gourmet rolls and cakes.

    Food and drink vending machines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week around the hospital..

    We are close to many restaurants and cafes along Gympie Road including Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre.

    Patient services

    Service trolley

    A patient service trolley visits each ward daily with assorted food, confectionery, phone cards, magazines and newspapers for purchase.

    Newspapers and magazines

    Newspapers and magazines are available from the Common Good Cafe and also on the patient service trolley that visits most areas of the hospital.


    Mail is delivered to wards on weekdays. Any mail received after you have been discharged will be redirected to your postal address.

    Send mail to patients here:
    (Insert name)
    (Insert ward)
    c/o The Prince Charles Hospital
    Rode Road

    Bringing flowers to patients

    Flowers and potted plants are a lovely gift for patients. Please check with nursing staff before bringing in flowers. For patient safety reasons, we cannot allow flowers or potted plants in the following specialised areas:

    • Intensive Care
    • Coronary Care Units

    Please do not bring oriental lilies due to staff allergies. Flowers can be purchased from the Common Good Cafe and Coffee Shop.

    Your contact people

    During your admission we ask you to nominate a contact person and a next of kin who may play a key role in your care. With your permission we will discuss your progress and condition with the people you designate and not with anyone else.

    Your treatment team

    During your hospital stay, you will be cared for by a team of health professionals which may include doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, social workers and support staff.

    Teaching and research

    As a leader in teaching and research, we work closely with universities to train future healthcare professionals.

    With supervision from a staff member, you may be asked if you are willing for a student to observe or examine you.  You may also be asked to take part in a research project. You are under no obligation to participate and your choice will not affect the care you receive. Your information will remain strictly confidential.

    The Prince Charles Hospital Location: Rode Road CHERMSIDE QLD 4032 Phone: (07) 3139 4000

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