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Metro North Health Wait List

Applicants who are deemed suitable for employment will be offered a position on the Metro North Health graduate wait list until appropriate positions become available. Being offered a position on the wait list is not an offer of employment.


Suitable applicants are initially wait-listed according to their area of clinical and facility preferences. Facilities identifying vacancies are available to employ all suitable graduates on their wait list. Facilities may also make their wait list available to other Metro North facilities for consideration.

Metro North Health does not have designated intake dates for graduates, instead graduate positions will be offered throughout the year.

Depending on the facility and the availability of an appropriate position, graduates may be offered positions at any time.

The Nursing and Midwifery Graduate Recruitment Team will contact graduates remaining on the Wait List monthly to ensure contact details remain current and confirm wish to remain on the wait list. Wait Listed applicants will also be advised of suggested reading/learning which can be completed to assist with the maintenance of clinical skills and knowledge.

What does appropriate position mean?

Metro North Health offers a diverse range of clinical services. Not all registered nurse or midwife positions are suitable for graduates. Appropriate positions are positions considered suitable for a graduate. Suitability is based on the clinical setting, clinical skill requirements and the availability of transition support structures.

Will I only be considered for positions which I listed as a preference?

We believe that it is important for graduates to be employed in an area which they have an interest in. You will initially be considered for areas in which you have identified as a preference. If appropriate positions are not available within those preference areas, you will be considered for other areas where appropriate positions have been found.

How long will I have to wait for a position?

Graduate positions become available throughout the year. Applicants interviewed in October, will be eligible for positions that become available up to September the following year. Positions may be offered at any time during this period.

If I am placed on the wait list, am I guaranteed a position at Metro North?

No, an offer to be placed on the wait list does not guarantee an offer of a graduate position. Placement on the wait list means the selection panel has deemed you suitable for employment and has recommended that you be offered a position when an appropriate position is available.

How much notice will I be given before the start date of a position?

We will offer you a position a minimum of 4 weeks before the start date. Sometimes positions become available at short notice and you may be given less than 4 weeks’ notice of commencement.

Can I change my preferences when I am on the wait list?

You cannot change your preferences once you have been placed on the wait list. You can list additional areas of interest which will be noted and referred to as required.

I was asked to provide my availability prior to interview, what happens if my availability changes?

Changing your availability is not a problem. Wait Listed graduates need to contact the Graduate Recruitment Coordinator at the facility in which they were interviewed to change their availability.

Can I go on holidays while I am on the wait list, or will I lose my position?

If you are planning to be away for any time while you are on the wait list, please notify the Graduate Recruitment Coordinator at the facility of your interview. You may be asked to provide contact details while you are away so we can contact you if a position becomes available.

What happens if I am offered a position and I do not accept?

Wait-listed applicants who are offered a position in their area of preference, at a time when they have indicated that they are available to commence, and decide to not accept the offer, will be removed from the wait list and will no longer be eligible for positions within Metro North Health.

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