What happens to my application once submitted?2023-07-27T09:34:26+10:00

What happens to my application once submitted?

Metro North Health does not accept direct applications, all applications for graduate Registered Nurse and Midwife positions must be submitted via the Queensland Government Graduate Portal .


  1. We will receive applications for all graduates who nominated Metro North as their first preference.
    • Applications reviewed for appropriateness to progress through the selection process. Note: we will progress all complete first preference applications to the next stage of the selection process.
    • Metro North will not receive the applications for those nominating the HHS as their 2nd, 3rd, etc preferences until the HHS’s nominated as 1st, 2nd, etc until have completed their review.
  2. All applicants deemed suitable to progress to the next stage of selection.
    • Selection processes are currently being finalised, with 2 options being considered.
      • Option 1 – Automated system requiring applicants to address specific questions related to Metro North Health values
      • Option 2 – Interviews with Metro North panels.

About the interview

Interviews are Metro North based, that is they are not based on specific facilities but will be aligned to the clinical preference you indicated on your application.

Notification of interviews will be provided as early as possible and will include any additional information which you will be required to provide. The additional information requirements will be based on the information you provided at application and requests from the selection panel.

Interviews will be scheduled as TEAMs interviews.

Notification of Outcome

Due to the changes in the Portal application process and Metro North having access to applications, it is difficult to determine an exact time for the outcome notification. It is anticipated that applicants who were invited to participated in either of the 2 selection processes outlined above, will receive notification of the outcome of the process, no later than Wednesday 1st November 2023.

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