MNHHS Research Education Webinar Series2020-09-16T17:31:20+10:00

MNHHS Research Education Webinar Series

The MNHHS Research Education Webinar Series is a series of online educational videos focussing on practical educational topics for researchers

Coordinated by the Metro North Office of Research: Dr Joel Dulhunty, Dr Tania Crough and Prof Janet Davies,

Early and Mid-Career Clinical Research Workshop – Sept 2020

Publishing your Research: What to Report and How to Discuss Results  – August 2020

Planning for success: project management for clinical research – June 2020

Determining Sample Size for your Research Project – November 2019

How to Create a Study Budget – October 2019

How to Prepare an SSA Application in ERM – July 2019

Seeking Ethics Approval via ERM – May 2019

Differences between quality projects and research – 5 March 2019

Graduate Certificate in Health Science (Health Services Innovation)
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