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Create a REDCap Project

Project owner

Create a project (development status)

MNHHS employees with approved REDCap access may request to create a new project by logging into Metro North REDCap using their credentials and select the ‘+ New Project’ tab on the MNHHS REDCap homepage.

Using the ‘Create a new REDCap Project’ form provided, fill in the requisite details for the project type (research, quality improvement, operational, practice/just for fun). To finalise the request, click ‘Create Project’.

Development status

  • All projects will be approved in development status only, the MNHHS REDCap project/database status where a user designs, builds and tests study instruments.
  • The requisite approvals must be sought before requesting to move a project into production mode and commence data collection.
  • No research, quality assurance/improvement or administrative project will be moved into production mode until the requisite approvals are demonstrated.
  • No project or research data is to be collected in development mode.

Project approval (production status)

A Project Owner may request to move a project into production mode by:

  1. Go to the ‘Project Setup’ tab located on the project home page
  2. Select ‘move project to production’ located at the bottom of the page
  3. Complete the ‘Project Production Request Form’ automatically generated by the MNHHS REDCap System Administrator and provide evidence of requisite approvals.

All requests to move a project into production mode will require evidence of the requisite approvals:

  • Research: Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval number, and Site specific assessment (SSA) approval letter confirming the MNHHS REDCap project conforms to the approved protocol and requisite regulatory, legislative and institutional policies; or
  • Quality Assurance/Improvement: Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) letter of exemption from ethical review, and/or SQU-PROD Quality Action Plan (QAP) Initiative ID

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