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Metro North REDCap roles and responsibilities

Project owner

Every Metro North REDCap project must have a project owner who is designated as the data custodian for the project. The project owner may delegate certain data custodianship functions where appropriate. This must be documented in the approved project protocol. A project owner is responsible for ensuring the collection, use, sharing and storage of all data complies with relevant legislation, regulatory guidelines and project approvals. Project owners are responsible for ensuring access to their Metro North REDCap project is only granted to authorised persons, and the data access and management permissions are assigned according to the individual’s role. Project owners should regularly review and remove users who no longer require access to the project. A project owner must always be a Metro North employee.

ALL Metro North REDCap Users

All Metro North REDCap users, including project owners must:

  • Abide by all relevant legislation, codes of conduct, regulatory guidelines, Metro North and Queensland Health policies and procedures governing the terms and conditions of employment/engagement, the use of Information Computer Technology (ICT) services and data management in any medium.
  • Not share a REDCap login with any other individuals, nor authorise another person to use the REDCap login. Users will be held responsible for any activities conducted with their REDCap login.
  • Ensure all requisite approvals are in place prior to collecting any ‘real’ data in REDCap (test data may be used to test project functionality).
  • Ensure the REDCap project is built/designed and maintained in accordance with the approved project protocol or schedule.
  • Ensure that data in a REDCap project is collected and stored in accordance with the approved protocol, relevant legislation, regulatory guidelines and policy or procedure applicable to the conduct of research or the protection of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Ensure the download or removal of data collected in REDCap is managed in accordance with relevant privacy legislation, in particular Part 7 of the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011 (Qld) and the Australian Privacy Principles.
  • Ensure that data in a REDCap project is not shared with external parties unless the data sharing complies with HREC and governance approvals and there is an agreement that outlines the data sharing arrangement.
  • Never upload, import or collect malicious, illegal or obscene data into REDCap.

User requests

  1. Complete the user access request form
  2. Complete the verification survey emailed to your QH address
  3. Once the user account is approved, you will receive an email to set your password.

Queensland Health employees who are not Metro North employees) will not be allowed to create a project.  External users may request access, but this will need to first be requested by a Metro North employee. Evidence of the requisite approvals to access any research data will be required before access will be granted.  The user account will give you access to Metro North REDCap, but you will not be able to view any projects until you either create one or are added to a project by an existing user.

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