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About us

Our purpose

The Genomic Institute’s primary objective is to accelerate the incorporation of genomics into clinical practice.

The Genomic Institute aspires to create a Learning Healthcare System for continuous improvement and innovation in healthcare. In this revolutionary way of delivering health service, new knowledge is captured by virtue of care and evidence is reapplied reliably to embed learning in the care delivery process. This model describes a mechanism whereby healthcare can continually evolve.

The Genomic Institute aims to maintain patient outcomes as top priority, so that research translation is achieved in a patient centred and patient informed way. The involvement of patients in partnerships to inform research, clinic and education through the Genomic Institute is supporting best practice healthcare outcomes of maximum benefit.

1. Integrated Clinical Care

The Genomic Institute enables world class care for patients through the coordination of an integrated, person-centred approach to genomics, providing answers to major health challenges. This approach enhances current services provided by the Queensland health system and provides the opportunity to develop and deliver innovative models of healthcare. We continually strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients and their families through value-based care.


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Integrated clinical care

2. Translational research

Translational research contributes to the development of clinical laboratory expertise, workforce capacity and infrastructure necessary to prepare the healthcare system for the wider adoption of genomic medicine. We are pursuing a truly translational model that links discovery, research, understanding, translation, and clinical application. The Institute provides a robust governance structure and dedicated resources for research. Providing this leadership will support business practices, investments, development of intellectual property and grant and funding application processes.


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Translational research

3. Education and training

A genomics education and training program will deliver innovative education models to grow knowledge and literacy within the broader workforce regarding the dynamic nature and application of genomic services. A dedicated physical space allows people to rotate through the Institute and have placements for practical hands-on learning and access a knowledge management resources for more formalised workshops and exposure to genomics educational resources.


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Education and training

Our vision

Transform healthcare

Drive a learning, integrated and responsive health service and research agenda through a collaboration of clinical, academic, research and industry stakeholders.

Grow Queensland’s scientific footprint

Enable Queensland to be recognised as an international leader in genomic medicine, by providing opportunities for new approaches to therapeutic development, health care delivery and population health management. Contribute to the national and international endeavour to develop the evidence and clinical protocols for genomics services.

Be a catalyst for economic growth

Provide opportunities to enhance commercialisation opportunities and attract new funding sources for the benefits of all partners.

Transform education and training

Provide a specialised training program for genomics and build a broader workforce knowledge in genomics. Create a continuously learning healthcare system with seamless cycling between innovative clinical care and cutting-edge research.

Be a centre for precision medicine

Enable precision medicine through better disease prevention, earlier diagnosis and more targeted treatment, having a transformative impact on personal health and wellbeing, cost-effectiveness and both state and national productivity.

How we will achieve our vision

The Genomic Institute collaborates with a diverse range of stakeholders and partners. Through their skills, experience, and knowledge, the Institute is building genomic literacy across a broad range of professional disciplines, including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dietetics, psychology, social work, science, bioinformatics, pathology, information technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will streamline and enhance communication and workflows between specialties, patients and researchers to achieve better outcomes for all Queenslanders.

To support the Metro North Health vision for the Genomic Institute we will have a physical presence within the Herston Health Precinct (HHP). During 2021, Metro North Health has developed a Detailed Business Case for the physical Genomic Institute that will involve repurposing current infrastructure within the HHP.

The Genomic Institute has three key pillars in place from which to achieve its vision. Clinical care, translational research and education all support the delivery of a learning healthcare system. The integration of these pillars through the Genomic Institute vision supports the improvement of genomics implementation into healthcare.

Genomic Institute


Genomic Institute

Metro North Health
Block 7, Level 7
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital

Phone: (07) 3646 1433
Email: GenomicInstitute@health.qld.gov.au

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