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Guide to parallel submission for Research Ethics and Governance applications

Ethics Administration

Research Governance

Step 1

Early consultation (i.e. 4-8 weeks before submission) with both the reviewing HREC and the Research Governance Officer (RGO) is recommended.

Step 2 (a)

Researcher submits project to HREC Coordinator via ERM

Documents required:

  • HREA or LNR form
  • Study Protocol (mandatory)
  • PICF (Participant Information Consent Form) (where required)
  • Questionnaire (if to be used)
  • Letter of Support
  • Researcher CV’s
  • Other supporting documentation e.g., surveys, questionnaires, posters (where required)

Step 2 (b)

Researcher generates SSA via ERM

Step 2 (c)

Legal Assessment

Researcher consults with RGO / Contracts Manager to determine whether a legal contract is required, including:

  • CTRA (Clinical Trial Research Agreement)
  • Research Collaboration Agreement (Metro North template, BDHP)
  • Student Placement Deeds
  • Facility Access

Step 2 (d)

Study Budget

Researcher consults with Research Business Manager/ Facility Departmental Business Managers to review and sign the research budget:

Step 3

HREC reviews submission and provides feedback to researcher (including Waiver of Consent, if appropriate)



Step 3 (a)

Researcher responds to HREC feedback and receives HREC final approval

Step 3 (b)

If Waiver of Consent is granted by the HREC, researcher to consult with RGO on whether a Public Health Act (PHA) application is required, then once approved, submits the approval letter to the Research Governance Office



Step 4

Researcher receives Letter of Authorisation from the Facility’s Authorised Person to be able to commence the study.

Step 5

Researcher commences research and submits Commencement form to HREC Coordinator and the Research Governance Office at each of the sites that the study will be conducted

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