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Telehealth appointments

What is telehealth?

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital offers specialist appointments by telehealth to enable patients to receive quality care closer to home.

Telehealth utilises secure videoconference technology to enable a patient to see, hear and speak to their clinician for an appointment, without having to travel to their location.

Benefits of telehealth

Patients who receive care via videoconference from their home or local healthcare provider may benefit from the following:

  • Reduced cost associated with travel to appointments
  • Less time required off work or other usual activities
  • Reduced time away from home for travel to appointments
  • Increased access to care

Am I suitable for a telehealth appointment?

Many patients are suitable for telehealth, however it will only be an option if it is clinically appropriate. Your doctor or treating health professional will determine if telehealth is suitable for you based on your individual circumstances.

If you are interested in telehealth, please discuss whether it would be appropriate for you with your healthcare team.

What is required?

Depending on which option is suitable for your individual healthcare needs, you may be able to connect to your telehealth appointment from a nearby healthcare facility, your local GP or even from your own home.

Support for your appointment

The Telehealth Support Unit provides direct technical support to patients’ videoconferencing with Queensland Health facilities and can be reached on 1800 066 888.

For further detail regarding telehealth, please visit the Queensland Health Telehealth website.

To discuss if telehealth may be an option for you, please contact the relevant Outpatient Clinic.


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