Herston Health Precinct Symposium – Posters 20202021-08-23T08:24:10+10:00

Research Showcase

The below posters showcase the impressive healthcare research occurring on the Herston Campus and within the Herston Partner Organisations.

The top 50 submissions were selected for an oral presentation.

Please also see Medical Student Research posters

Submission IDPoster titleAuthorEmailPresentation Type
CLIN-0002An Audit of the Management of Minor Head Injuries in Brisbane Emergency Departments Jack Taylorjack.taylor@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0004Outcomes and estimated costs of open and endovascular revascularization for chronic limb ischemia in an Australian cohort studySamuel Smithsamuel.smith4@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0005Shaky foundations: the evidence base supporting dietetic interventions in chronic kidney disease ? a systematic review"Helen MacLaughlinhelen.maclaughlin@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0012An audit of Correct cuff selection in Obese Patients Evaluation (COPE)- a quality improvement initiative to optimise non-invasive blood pressure measurement in obese patientsAaron Khooaaron.khoo@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0015Temperature variation of OPAT antibiotic bags over summer in a subtropical region of AustraliaKate McCarthykate.mccarthy4@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0018Does the Use of a Structured Risk Assessment Reduce Violence and Aggression in Acute Mental Health UnitsBrigid Wheatonbrigid.wheaton@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0019Does offering non-pharmaceutical intervention to patients at bedtime improve the patient's ability to sleep in the hospital environment?Colette Barnbrookcolette.barnbrook@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0020Transformative impact of patient-generated health data on healthcare provision - Australian healthcare providers’ perspective.Evgeniy Miroshnichenkoevgeniy.miroshnichenko@hdr.qut.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0021The dietary intake of patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease ? how inflammatory is their diet?"Abigail MarshAbigail.Marsh@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0022Prevalence of Difficult peripheral IntraVenous Access (DIVA) for in-patient’s afterhours ? The afterhours DIVA Study"Sandali De Alwisranawaka.dealwis@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0026Infant massage and brain maturation measured by EEGMelissa Laimelissa.lai@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0027Midwife-led continuity of care and breastfeeding duration: a systematic reviewEmma Shiptonemma.shipton@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0034Increased maternal body mass index is associated with prolonged anaesthetic and surgical times for caesarean delivery but may be partially offset by clinician seniority and established epidural analgesia.Sue Lawrencesue.lawrence@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0035Patient and carer experience of nutrition care throughout and beyond treatment for head and neck cancer: a qualitative longitudinal studyJoanne HiattJoanne.Hiatt@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0037Double vs Single sided LED phototherapy for neonatal jaundice and role of neonatal ageManuel Bautistamanuelbautista.morales@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0045Does the knowledge of fetal fibronectin (fFN) results impact clinical decision making and length of hospital stay for symptomatic women with a singleton pregnancy at risk of preterm labour? A systematic reviewEmily HolmesEmily.Holmes2@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0047Perspectives on technology use to enhance self- management in bariatric surgery patientsRebecca Healyrebecca.healy@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0050Trends in Body Mass Index and Nutritional Status of Maintenance Haemodialysis patientsJustine Bastowjustine.bastow@connect.qut.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0052Developing a screening tool for perinatal post-traumatic stress disorder: a pilot studyLucía Colodro-Condelucia.colodroconde@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0054Is there a benefit to vascular access specialist nurses placing peripheral intravenous catheters? A narrative reviewNicole Marshnicole.marsh@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0055Learnings from 2,274 Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Audits: ‘How many audits do you really need?’Nicole Marshnicole.marsh@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0056Does removal of the wound dressing early increase the potential for surgical site infections in patient's with clean, clean/contaminated wounds?Rebecca Radfordrebecca.radford@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0059The role of a comprehensive geriatric oncology service in building resilience during the COVID-19 pandemicHarry Gasperharry.gasper@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0060Secondary postpartum haemorrhage following caesareans: Causes, management and outcomesAnushka Kotharianushka.kothari@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0062Polyhexamethylene biguanide discs for central venous catheter infection prevention in the intensive care unit. India Lyeindia.lye@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0065The influence of gestational diabetes mellitus on coagulation in healthy term pregnancy as assessed by rotational thromboelastometryJulie Leejulielee01@gmail.comPoster
CLIN-0068An international comparison of intraoperative systolic blood pressure in traumatic brain injured patients Christine Pirronechristine.pirrone@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0071Haematinic deficiency after bariatric surgery - A systematic reviewCarrie-Anne Lewiscarrie-anne.lewis@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0072A feasibility study of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) a patient reported outcome measure in the burn’s cohort in an acute tertiary facility Andrea Mc KittrickAndrea.McKittrick@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0073How is functional cognition assessed in acute care with patients who have sustained a traumatic brain injury?Katherine Goodchildkatherine.goodchild@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0075Prognostication in post-stroke aphasia: Speech pathologists' clinical insights on formulating and delivering information about recoveryBonnie Chengbonnie.cheng@uq.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0076Implementation and Evaluation of a Nurse-Allied Health Clinic for Patients after Allogeneic Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (The PostMAN Clinic)Midori Nakagakimidori.nakagaki@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0086GPs’ insights about discontinuing long-term antidepressant use: A qualitative studyJohanna Lynchj.lynch2@uq.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0091The Impact of a Pharmacist on SIBR within Cancer Care ServicesHelen Leunghelen.leung@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0092Enhancing outcomes in myeloid malignancies through next generation sequencing: the Queensland Myeloid Genomics ProgramYatika Jivanyatika.jivan@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0095Effect of dining room interventions on nutritional, clinical and functional outcomes of patients in hospital, rehabilitation and aged-care settings: A systematic review.Kelly D'cunhadcunha.kelly@gmail.comPoster
CLIN-0096Whole Person CareHayley Thomash.thomas@uq.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0098Therapy to Reduce dementia risk In Parkinson’s disease (TRIP): Proof-of-concept protocolDana Pourzinaldana.pourzinal@gmail.comPoster
CLIN-0099“What Matters” to an outpatient antimicrobial therapy patient: redefining health care Majed Almarzooqimajed.almarzooqi@uq.net.auOral
CLIN-0100Audit on the use of telemetry in Obstetric Medicine patients at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s hospitalJuliana Dingjuliana.ding@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0102A Protocol for Tracking Outcomes Post Intensive Care (TOPIC)Dylan Flawsdylan.flaws@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0105Using a Change Management Approach to Integrate Genomics into Epilepsy CareCarmen Bennettc.bennett@uq.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0106Determining the diagnostic yields of different modalities in the investigation of biliary stricturesParis Hoeyparis.hoey@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0108Psychosocial impacts of COVID-19 on oncology workforces: Metro vs Regional AustraliaZarnie LwinZarnie.Lwin@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0109Emotional impact of COVID-19 preparations on metropolitan and regional cancer workforces in Queensland Australia: “We are all in this together”Zarnie LwinZarnie.Lwin@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0111Intravenous antimicrobial administration though peripheral venous catheters ? establishing risk profiles from an analysis of 5252 devices"Emily Larsenemily.larsen@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0112Peripheral intravenous catheters in the care of oncology and haematology patientsEmily Larsenemily.larsen@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0115Outcomes of osseointegrated implants for reconstruction of head and neck cancer patientsDarius Khadembaschid.khadembaschi@uqconnect.edu.auOral
CLIN-0116Oral Intake in Labour Laura McDermottlaura.mcdermott@health.nsw.gov.au
CLIN-0122Hereditary Cancer Whole Genome Sequencing Project to Identify Pathogenic Germline VariantsAimee DavidsonAimee.Davidson@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0124Residual Antimicrobial Post Reconstitution - The REPORT StudyPaul JarrettPoster
CLIN-0125Maternity Outpatient Pharmacist ? Evaluation of Impact"Shannon Pallettshannon.pallett@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0128The Neural Links between Post-Stroke Depression, Executive Functioning and Stroke Recovery Aleksandra Van Hummela.vanhummel@uq.net.auPoster
CLIN-0129The prevalence and determinants of immunisation in older Australians by GP registrars: a secondary analysis of ReCEnT dataIsaac Tranteri.tranter@uq.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0130Self-management and perspectives on mHealth: A qualitative study of patients undergoing bariatric surgeryCharlene Wrightcharlene.matthews@griffithuni.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0132Patient characteristics associated with a poor response to non-surgical multidisciplinary management of knee osteoarthritisShaun O'Learys.oleary@uq.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0134Managing Minor Chest Trauma in the RBWH Emergency and Trauma CentreTahlia Gentletahlia.gentle@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0135Limiting the use of CT Brains for Investigation of Head Injury in a Major Trauma CentreRBWH ETC Quality ImprovementETC-QI@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0138RBWH Emergency and Trauma Centre ‘Non-activation’ Trauma PresentationsLaura McDadelaura.mcdade@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0144RBWH Emergency and Trauma Centre (ETC) CT Outcomes for Orthopaedic FracturesYvette Mellamyvette.mellam@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0152Profiling of gut microbiome metabolites reveals novel correlations with host amino acid metabolism in Parkinson’s diseaseNanthini Jayabalann.jayabalan@uq.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0157A family-centered psychosocial-based nutrition intervention in patients with advanced cancer: PiCNIC2 pilot RCTTeresa Brownteresa.brown@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0158Implementation of Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds in Cancer Care: Evaluation from an Allied Health perspectiveTeresa Brownteresa.brown@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0159Investigation of current models of care for genetic heart disease in Australia: A national clinical auditRachel Austinrachel.austin@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0162An Evaluation of Non-Endoscopic First Change of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) in the Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital (RBWH)Cassie Beavencassie.beaven@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0171Exploring outcomes of rehabilitation: a scoping review of current datasetsJoshua Lowejrlowe51@gmail.comPoster
CLIN-0172Effect of route and timing of enteral nutrition support in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing radiotherapy and chemoradiotherapy: A systematic review.Xiaodan Yex.ye@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0174Epstein-Barr virus-specific T cell therapy for progressive multiple sclerosis: A 3-year longitudinal studyZara A Ioannideszara.ioannides@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0177Osseointegrated implant survival, success and prosthodontic outcomes in composite free flapsDarius Khadembaschid.khadembaschi@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0179Opportunistic detection of osteoporosis on chest low-dose chest computed tomography scans Nikita Patelnikitapatel2703@gmail.comPoster
CLIN-0180Exploring comorbidity and medication use in patients with suboptimal bowel preparation for colonoscopyKimberley Ryankimberley.ryan@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0182Undergraduate Nursing students’ perceptions of peripheral intravenous catheter education: Deb Masseydeb.massey@scu.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0184The burden of venepuncture for kidney transplant patients and interest in possible solutionsThe burden of venepuncture for kidney transplant patients and interest in possible solutionsCarla Scudericarla.scuderi@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0185A multicenter population pharmacokinetic study of ceftriaxone in critically ill patientsAaron Heffernanaaron.heffernan@griffithuni.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0186Super Obesity ? Obstetricians Dilemma "James Henshawjames.henshaw@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0187Factors associated with the success of systemic dexamethasone use leading to timely extubation in ventilator dependent extremely preterm infants at risk of developing bronchopulmonary dysplasiaKristin O'Connorkristin.oconnor@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0190Evaluation of gentamicin dosing regimens in premature and term neonates to achieve safe trough and peak concentrations.Kristin O'Connorkristin.oconnor@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0192Carbon dioxide levels in preterm neonates with established bronchopulmonary dysplasia requiring oxygenKristin O'Connorkristin.oconnor@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0195Acute Surgery PErioperative CollaboraTion team quality improvement programKate Taylorkate.taylor2@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0196Retrospective audit of prescribing practices for pain management of patients suffering renal colic in the Emergency and Trauma Centre at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.Kate Taylorkate.taylor2@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0197Why are Classical Caesarean Sections increasing and is modern obstetrics the cause? Allegra Boccabellaallegra.boccabella@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0198Return to work for stroke survivors with aphasia: Preliminary findings of a scoping reviewPenni Burfeinpenni.burfein@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0199Implementation and evaluation of speech pathology medical imaging referring.Shana Taubertshana.taubert@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0200DAAs in a Pandemic: Disrupting the Discharge Process Grace O'Hallorangrace.ohalloran@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0202Mapping Osteochondral Injuries of the Talar Dome Associated with Tibial Pilon FracturesNicholas Greennicholas.green@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0207LC-MS- based profiling of gut microbiome metabolites reveal correlations with host lipid metabolism in Parkinson’s diseaseNanthini Jayabalann.jayabalan@uq.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0209Survey of staff experiences during COVID19 pandemicNiall HigginsNiall.Higgins@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0211Optimal frequency of individualised nutrition counselling in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing treatmentLiana Tunziliana.tunzi7@gmail.comPoster
CLIN-0212Adverse Childhood Experiences and Perinatal Distress - a cross sectional studyTracey Mackletracey.mackle@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0213Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging for Assessing Superficial Perfusion in FeetKathleen Finlaysonk.finlayson@qut.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0219Genetic literacy in multicultural Queensland: Design, delivery and evaluation of medical interpreter training in genetic terminologyMiranda Vidgenmiranda.vidgen@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0220Improved prostate cancer detection and prediction of outcomes using 68Ga PSMA PET/CT: towards non-invasive precision medicine Matthew Robertsmatthew.roberts@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0226Does the use of a team huddle to support an Interdisciplinary team (IDT) approach impact on staff satisfaction, patient experience and clinical outcomes: A systematic reviewCatherine Ryancatherine.ryan@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0232Identification and clinical characteristics of mild cognitive impairment in Parkinson's diseaseJihyun Yangj.yang1@uq.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0233Characteristics of women with perinatal depression in a large cohort of women with depressionJacqueline Kiewaj.kiewa@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0238Neural correlates of semantic fluency deficits in Parkinson's disease with mild cognitive impairmentJihyun Yangj.yang1@uq.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0239Diagnosis and management of adult transient entero-enteric intussusception: computed tomography plays a critical roleDuc Quang Nguyenduc.nguyen@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0240Innovating with clinical skills: Identifying and managing vestibular dysfunction in older adults admitted to sub-acute rehabilitationAnn RahmannAnn.Rahmann@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0242Do changes to Chest Pain streaming affect Time to ECGJack McKenziejack.mckenzie@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0243Pre-operative olive oil: a simple method to prevent chylothorax post-oesophagectomy.Duc Quang Nguyenduc.nguyen@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0267Injury perceptions and their association with recovery outcomes in adults with traumatic orthopaedic injuries: A scoping reviewPrudence Butlerprudence.butler@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0269Telehealth assisted psychotherapy for anxiety in people with cognitive impairment (Tele-CBT): A study protocolGabriela Pacas Fronzag.pacasfronza@uq.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0270Sedation by Propofol for neonatal intubation: a randomised controlled trialMelissa Laimelissa.lai@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0272Preventing peripheral intravenous catheter failure: a secondary analysis of 11,830 catheters Nicole Marshnicole.marsh@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0277Urinary metabolomics profiling reveals dysregulated polyamines pathway in Parkinson’s disease and a correlation with altered gut microbiota metabolitesNanthini Jayabalann.jayabalan@uq.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0279Improving the Safety of After-Hours Care: A Multidisciplinary ApproachGanashyam ArunagiriPoster
CLIN-0281Factors predicting length of treatment in adults requiring Parenteral Nutrition (PN) in hospitalAshley Van der Waltashley.vanderwalt@connect.qut.edu.auPoster
CLIN-0289Clinicopathological correlates of dysplastic change in sessile serrated lesionsMehul Lambamehul.lamba@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0290Can we ignore a pregnant person's snore?Allegra Boccabellaallegra.boccabella@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0301Beating the postcode lottery - using telehealth to deliver renal nutrition services across MNHHSElissa Pachecoelissa.pacheco@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0302COVID 19 - rapid adaptation to deliver renal dietetics services across MNHHSElissa Pachecoelissa.pacheco@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0306Optimal macronutrient composition of oral nutritional supplements to prevent weight loss and delay disease progression in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: A systematic reviewNatasha D'Souzanatasha_dso@hotmail.comPoster
CLIN-0307Keeping Kidneys in the Community; Delivering Integrated Kidney Healthcare closer to homeGary Changgary.chang@health.qld.gov.auOral
CLIN-0310Evaluation of Pharmacist administered Influenza Vaccination in high-risk Hospital Outpatients (EPIVHO)Kim Takim.ta@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0311The Clinical and Nutritional Implications of Pelvic Radiotherapy in Patients with Gynaecological Cancers: A Retrospective Observational StudyEmilie Croisieremilie.croisier@uqconnect.edu.auOral
CLIN-0312SECUREment bundles to prevent Peripheral IntraVenous Catheter failure ? the SECURE-PIVC trial: a pilot randomised controlled trial"Amanda CorleyAmanda.Corley@health.qld.gov.auPoster
CLIN-0313Comparison of left ventricular structure and function analysis by cardiac magnetic resonance using automatic interpretation of compressed sensing images vs standard imaging with manual processingRachael Ansteyrachael.anstey@health.qld.gov.auOral
DISC-0006Proof-of-principle: CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing for the treatment of immune disordersEsther Elliottesther.elliott@hdr.qut.edu.auPoster
DISC-0007Continuous non-invasive blood pressure versus invasive arterial pressure measurements: testing equivalence in obese patients during bariatric surgery.Victoria Eleyv.eley@uq.edu.auOral
DISC-0010Patient perceptions of laxative therapy in the Geriatric Evaluation and Management Service (GEMS) RBWH - “A moving issue”Linzy Keeganlinzy.keegan@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0011A virtual reality (VR) game for cancer prevention: Malignancy VR Elke Hackerelke.hacker@qut.edu.auOral
DISC-0014The MOBILISE Study - Utilisation of ambulatory pumps in the inpatient setting to administer continuous antibiotic infusions: A patient risk reduction and rehabilitation strategyKate McCarthykate.mccarthy4@health.qld.gov.auOral
DISC-0023“I would wear that”: fit testing and simulation for the prototyping of a reusable N95 respirator mask during COVID-19Mathilde Dessellemathilde.desselle@health.qld.gov.auOral
DISC-0024Characterising immune cell subsets of tumour infiltrating lymphocytes in brain metastasesPriyakshi Kalita-de Croftp.kalita@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0029Human kidney proximal epithelial tubule cell (PTEC) death pathways in renal fibrosis and chronic kidney disease (CKD)Kurt Giulianikurt.giuliani@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
DISC-00323D total body photography for the monitoring and early detection of melanomaMonika Jandam.janda@uq.edu.auOral
DISC-0033Closing the loop: Re-audit of the insertion and management of lumbar cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drains in thoracic endovascular aortic repairs (TEVARs)Joel Thomasjoel.thomas@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0038The feasibility and reliability of actigraphy to monitor sleep in intensive care patients: An observational study Lori Delaneylori.delaney@qut.edu.auPoster
DISC-0040KRAS mutant Bowel Cancer segregate into two distinct SubgroupsJennifer Borowskyjennifer.borowsky@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0043The association of birth by caesarean section and cognitive outcomes in offspring - A systematic reviewJulie Blakejulie.blake@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
DISC-0049Did the patient present to the emergency department in pain? An application of machine and deep learning. James Hughesjames.hughes@health.qld.gov.auOral
DISC-0051ccfDNA BRAIN Study - Is circulating cell-free DNA a clinically useful biomarker for the diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injury? Emma StainesEmma.Staines@health.qld.gov.auOral
DISC-0053A comparison of hydrophobic polyurethane and polyurethane peripherally inserted central catheter: results from a feasibility randomized controlled trial? Nicole GavinNicole.Gavin@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0057Functional genomics of MRKH syndrome Emanuele Pelosip.pelosi@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0066Barriers and enablers to supporting a diverse workforce at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s HospitalNatasha Robertsnatasha.roberts@health.qld.gov.auOral
DISC-0067Penetrating injury related hospitalisations and patient outcomes in Queensland over a 5-year periodShahera Banushahera.banu@health.qld.gov.auOral
DISC-0069Aspirin and regorafenib synergistically inhibit proliferation of colon carcinoma cells in vitroChang SuPoster
DISC-0082Virtual planning and personalized surgical guides for juvenile femoral osteotomiesChris CartyChristopher.Carty@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0090Oxidative stress and inflammasome activation in human rhabdomyolysis-induced acute kidney injuryAnca Griveianca.grivei@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0093Transdisciplinary Generalism: Naming the Philosophy and Practice of the GeneralistJohanna Lynchj.lynch2@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0094Sense of Safety: Domains and Dynamics that Name a Transdisciplinary Language of WellbeingJohanna Lynchj.lynch2@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0103Evidence of Inflammasome Activation in Peripheral Inflammation Associated with Parkinson’s DiseaseKerry Roperk.roper@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0114User-rated quality of mobile apps for smoking cessation: thematic analysis of app store consumer reviewsHollie Bendottih.bendotti@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
DISC-0120New strategies to treat aggressive BRAF mutant, microsatellite stable colorectal cancersCatherine BondCatherine.Bond@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
DISC-0123Maternal hypertension alters placental thyroid hormone metabolismKerry Richardkerry.richard@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
DISC-0131Prototype Virtual 3-Dimensional Model of a Haemodialysis Access Arteriovenous Fistula Generated by Freehand UltrasoundTeal Derboghossianteal.derboghossian@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0151Alzheimer’s disease microglia grown in 3D reveal different inflammatory and drug responses compared to 2D: Implications for neuroinflammatory drug screening.Anthony Whitetony.white@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
DISC-0156Bushfire Smoke Modulates Human Microglial InflammationLaura Miltonl.milton@uq.net.auOral
DISC-0165The prevalence and characteristics of adverse drug events in adults who present to the Emergency DepartmentNathan BrownNathan.Brown3@health.qld.gov.auOral
DISC-0166Feeding patients better: Protocolising enteral feeding to provide appropriate and timely nutrition careJessica FryJessica.Fry@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0168A neuroimaging paradigm for exploring aging, anxiety, and cognitionPeter Sup.su@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0169Emotional Inhibition in Parkinson’s disease: A HD-EEG ERP StudyPeter Sup.su@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-01833D patient microglia to study neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's diseaseCarla Cuni-Lopezcarla.cuni-lopez@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
DISC-0201Probing cortical regions with local non-invasive brain stimulation reveals heterogeneous time-frequency dynamics propagating across cortical circuits Conor Robinsonconor.robinson@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
DISC-0203Investigating the potential of Manuka oil as a novel topical scabicideNirupama Nammunigenirupama.nammunige@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
DISC-0204Surgical Day Care Unit (SDCU) Fasting Clock ? an initiative to reduce prolonged pre-operative fasting times"Joanna Yujoanna.yu@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0205Computational deconvolution of the tumour microenvironment - A deep learning perspective Khoa TranKhoa.Tran@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
DISC-0208Using ultrasound for enhanced drug delivery in Alzheimer’s diseaseLotta Oikarilotta.oikari@qimrberghofer.edu.auOral
DISC-0215How to get better response rates and thus data from follow up in projects using technologyMatthew Wagnermatthew.wagner@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0216Targeted therapy for Brain Metastasis using Polymeric NanomedicineMalcolm Limm.lim@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0217Nutrition support and the gastrointestinal microbiome post allogeneic transplantationSarah Andersensarah.andersen@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0221Engineering Personalised Small-Diameter Arterial Phantoms for Numerical and Experimental Studies on Vascular AnastomosisSabrina Schoenbornsabrina.schoenborn@hdr.qut.edu.auPoster
DISC-0225Glycomics: towards understanding the role of protein glycosylation in Head and Neck cancer pathogenesisMohammad Rasheduzzamanrashed.vet26@gmail.comPoster
DISC-0227Standard versUs peRForated peripheral intravenous catheter (SURF): a pilot randomised controlled trial preliminary findingsNicole GavinNicole.Gavin@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0230Identification of Early Stage Epithelial Ovarian Cancer through Exosomal Proteins and miRNAsShayna Sharmashayna.sharma@uqconnect.edu.auOral
DISC-0231Examining the molecular pathways of cellular senescence in human primary proximal tubular epithelial cells (PTEC) in chronic kidney disease (CKD)Purba NagPurba.Nag@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
DISC-0245Shared white matter correlates of language and memory impairments following ischaemic strokeJasper Steadj.stead@uq.net.auPoster
DISC-0248Quality of Growth Predicts Neurodevelopment in Very Preterm InfantsBarbara LingwoodOral
DISC-0250Improving the neurovasculature of growth restricted newborns following ibuprofen or placental stem cell treatmentKirat Chandk.chand@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0253Enhancing Your Recovery: A Mobile Application for Patients Undergoing Vascular SurgeryKrishna Pattabathulakrishna.pattabathula@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0257Placental Small Extracellular Vesicle MiRNA and Proteomic Profile Reveals a Role in Regulation of Glucose Metabolism in Gestational Diabetes MellitusSoumyalekshmi Nairs.nair@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0258Gestational Diabetes Mellitus is characterized by differential protein profile associated with glucose metabolism in skeletal muscle and placenta Soumyalekshmi Nairs.nair@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0259Exosomal miRNAs are Associated with the Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Ovarian CancerShayna Sharmashayna.sharma@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
DISC-0260Exosomal miRNAs in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer ProgressionShayna Sharmashayna.sharma@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
DISC-0261Ovarian cancer exosomal proteins are associated with disease progressionShayna Sharmashayna.sharma@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
DISC-0262Multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry approach for placental derived extracellular vesicles signalling proteins under pathological conditionsCarlos Palmac.palma@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0263Effect of high glucose concentration on extracellular vesicles release and proteomic profile of placental cells. Carlos Palmac.palma@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0268Improving the accuracy and effectiveness of radiotherapy treatments through the clinical introduction of novel 3D-printed patient-specific boluses and positioning devicesTanya Kairntanya.kairn@health.qld.gov.auPoster
DISC-0282The effect of neonatal seizures and therapeutic hypothermia following HI on phosphorylated KCC2 expression.Dana Smythd.smyth@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
DISC-0294Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK) regulates inflammasome activation in Motor Neurone Disease (MND)Sara Josesara.jose@uq.edu.auPoster
DISC-0303The relationship of brain connectivity markers with clinical outcomes in children recovering from mild traumatic brain injuryKartik Iyerkartik.k.iyer@gmail.comPoster
DISC-0309Combining two good things: placental stem cells and hypothermia for neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathyElliot Teoelliot.teo@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0036Clinical Audit of Shoulder Dislocations Presenting to RBWH ETC Jordan YoungJordan.Young2@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0039Isolation and characterization of exosomes from plasma and saliva of glioblastoma patientsJuliana Muller Barkjuliana.mullerbark@hdr.qut.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0041Braf mutation induces rapid neoplastic transformation in the aging intestineLochlan Fennelllochlan.fennell@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0042Curcumin chemoprevention reduces the incidence of Braf mutant colorectal cancer in a preclinical studyAlexandra Kanealexandra.kane@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0048Living the Continuum: Creating an innovative, engaging and accessible learning resource to highlight the lived experience of HIV careOlivia Hollingdrakeolivia.hollingdrake@qut.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0058Hospital-acquired complications: an examination of risk factors and effects using the Queensland cardiac linkage longitudinal cohortSon Nghiems.nghiem@griffith.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0061Harm from cardiovascular medications: the omitted ‘C’Chariclia Paradissischariclia.paradissis@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0074Evaluating patient experience of a shared care model for patients with low risk haematological conditionsPeter Mcguirepeter.mcguire@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0077When someone dies: Addressing information disparity and cultural responsiveness for bereaved QueenslandersCaitlin Lockcaitlin.lock@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0080The use of salivary proteins for the diagnosis of liver fibrosis Lucas Trevisan Franca de Limalucas.trevisanfrancadelima@hdr.qut.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0083Triumph of hope over evidence: the views of a diverse group of older people on cardiovascular disease preventive medicationKatharine Wallisk.wallis@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0087Development of the RBWH Neurological Early Warning and Response SystemKristina O'DwyerKristina.odwyer@health.qld.gov.auOral
TRAN-0088Whole-of-hospital transformation: Implementing Q-ADDS in the RBWHMia McLandersMia.McLanders@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0101Reconceptualising Post Intensive Care Syndrome: Is it time to unpick our PICS?Dylan Flawsdylan.flaws@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0104An Evaluation of the Renal Pharmacy Service at the Keeping Kidneys Clinic Carla Scudericarla.scuderi@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0110Rib fractures in blunt chest trauma: factors that influence daily opiate useFran WilliamsonFrances.Williamson@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0113Evaluating methods for the management, use and decontamination of needleless connectors: a qualitative inquiry Emily Larsenemily.larsen@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0117The addition of physiotherapy to preadmission clinic enhances patient preparedness for elective surgery and is memorableErin Huttenmeistererin.huttenmeister@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0126Determining food preferences of hospital inpatients: what do people want to eat when sick?Claire Duxclaire.dux@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0127Reducing the usage/cost of thickened fluids in a large hospital: a case study for changeClaire Duxclaire.dux@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0133CTA Use in Non-Fatal Strangulation (NFS) at the RBWH Emergency and Trauma Centre Lauren Victoria Headlauren.head@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0136Pharmacometric evaluation of fosfomycin-sulbactam combination against carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Sazlyna Mohd Sazlly Lims.mohdsazllylim@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0137The pharmacodynamic evaluation of meropenem and sulbactam in combination against carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumanniiSazlyna Mohd Sazlly Lims.mohdsazllylim@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0140IV to Oral Flucloxacillin Prescribing in Skin and Soft Tissue Infections Tee Indawongsetee.indawongse@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0141Ceftolozane?tazobactam in an elastomeric infusion device for ambulatory care: an in vitro stability study"Saiyuri Naickers.naicker@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0142Defining Atypical Anxiety in Parkinson's DiseaseElana Forbeselana.forbes@uq.net.auOral
TRAN-0143Anxiety disorders are associated with verbal memory impairment in patients with Parkinson’s disease without dementiaElana Forbeselana.forbes@uq.net.auPoster
TRAN-0145Combination Therapy with Meropenem and Ciprofloxacin shows a Synergistic Benefit against Intermediate and Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates from Critically Ill Patients in the Hollow-Fiber Infection ModelSaiyuri Naickers.naicker@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0148Digital technology for Home Assessment practice: experiences from a sub-acute care teamKaitlyn Spaldingkaitlyn.spalding@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0153Safer Prescribing And Care for the Elderly (SPACE): a cluster randomised controlled trial in general practiceKatharine Wallisk.wallis@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0154The 3-Domains toolkit for assessing older drivers: pilot study in general practiceKatharine Wallisk.wallis@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0155The 3-Domains toolkit for assessing older drivers: validation study in a specialist occupational therapy driving assessment clinicKatharine Wallisk.wallis@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0160Exploring the health-seeking behaviours of immigrant womenLeah Allenls.smith@hdr.qut.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0161Evaluation of patient experience post structured education for diabetes self management (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating - DAFNE)Margaret Whilliermargaret.whillier@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0163Antidepressant use in Australia and Sweden ? A cross-country comparison"Gregory Merlog.merlo@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0167Antibiotic use in Australian and Swedish primary care: a cross-country comparisonGregory Merlog.merlo@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0170Contextual factors that influence antibiotic prescribing: a discrete choice experiment in GP registrarsGregory Merlog.merlo@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0173Gene expression in the endocannabinoid system in the endometrium of women with and without endometriosisKeisuke Tanakakeisuke.tanaka@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0194Dysregulated monocyte-derived microglia contribute to neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s disease patientsHazel Quekhazel.quek@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0206Clinical Audit of patients that presented to RBWH with Transient Ischaemic Attack for the year 2018. Wang Limwang.lim@health.qld.gov.auOral
TRAN-0210Decreased prevalence of wounds following implementation of the Protecting Skin Integrity modelKathleen Finlaysonk.finlayson@qut.edu.auOral
TRAN-0218Ex vivo culture of circulating tumour cells derived from non-small cell lung cancerJoanna Kapelerisjoanna.kapeleris@hdr.qut.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0228Drug loaded polymer nanoparticles for the management of lower respiratory tract infectionsMohammad Zaidur Rahman Sabujmohammadzaidurrahman.sabuj@hdr.qut.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0234Safer, better bang for buck: improved efficiency and safety of prostate biopsy for prostate cancer diagnosis using MRI and transperineal biopsy approachMatthew Robertsmatthew.roberts@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0237“Bringing Balance to the Force”: Structural Optimization and Fracture FixationDeniz Erbulutdeniz.erbulut@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0241RADAR Royal Service Evaluation William Lukinbill.lukin@health.qld.gov.auOral
TRAN-0247An ultra-small blood volume sampling drug dosing study of Cefazolin in critically ill patientsTavey Dorofaefftavey.dorofaeff@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0251Development of a multi-disciplinary team approach to genomic testing ? We’re all in this together"Melanie Tommelanie.tom@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0273Shaping the Future of Medicine: 3D Biofabrication in Vascular SurgeryChristoph Meinertchristoph.meinert@health.qld.gov.auOral
TRAN-0274Measurement of remdesivir and its metabolite in plasma for COVID-19 researchSteven Walliss.wallis@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0275An assay for sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim concentrations in plasma and urineSteven Walliss.wallis@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0280Biofabrication Technologies in Skin Regeneration and Wound CareAbbas Shafieeabbas.shafiee@health.qld.gov.auOral
TRAN-0284Lopinavir-Ritonavir analytical assay to combat COVID-19Saurabh Pandeys.pandey2@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0285Measuring gentamicin concentrations in neonates using just a drop of blood!Saurabh Pandeys.pandey2@uq.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0286Activity of piperacillin/tazobactam against extended-spectrum ?-lactamase-producing and non-producing Escherichia coli clinical strainsKamrul Islamkamrul.islam@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0287Activities of piperacillin/tazobactam and meropenem against extended-spectrum ?-lactamase-producing Escherichia coliKamrul Islamkamrul.islam@uqconnect.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0292Diagnostic and prognostic utility of salivary high-risk Human Papillomavirus detection in Oropharyngeal cancerChameera Ekanayake Weeramanges.weeramange@qut.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0293Development of novel immunotherapeutic approaches for the treatment of emerging pathogensSrividhya SwaminathanSrividhya.Swaminathan@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0297Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) in Urothelial Cell Carcinoma (UCC): A systematic review of the literatureArsalan Tariqarsalan.tariq@health.qld.gov.auPoster
TRAN-0304Goal energy intake for medically compromised patients with eating disorders: A systematic reviewNatasha D'Souzanatasha_dso@hotmail.comPoster
TRAN-0305Shift work and body composition - a systematic review and meta-analysisPiumika Sooriyaarachchipiumika.sooriyaarachchi@hdr.qut.edu.auPoster
TRAN-0315An Olfactory cell model to investigate the impact of SARS-CoV-2 infection and air pollution on neurodegenerative pathways in dementiaRomal Stewartromal.stewart@qimrberghofer.edu.auPoster

Medical Student Research

Medical Student research will be showcased with oral presentations on Friday 11 December.

Abstract NumberTitleAuthorEmail Contact
MDST-0001Shared Trauma, Resilience, and Growth: a Roadmap Toward Transcultural ConceptualizationDiab Aliv-dali@ochsner.org
MDST-0003ICD-10-AM codes for cirrhosis and related complications: key performance considerations for population and healthcare studiesVikas Bansalv.bansal@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0004Perfectionism as a mediator of psychological distress: implications for addressing underlying vulnerabilities to the mental health of medical studentsVikas Bansalv.bansal@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0007Compartment Syndrome and Wrist Disarticulation after a Catfish StingColin Carrollv-ccarroll@ochsner.org
MDST-0008The effectiveness of ketamine on anxiety, irritability, and agitation: Implications for treating mixed features in adults with major depressive or bipolar disorderDanielle Chad.cha@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0009Safety and tolerability of IV ketamine in adults with major depressive or bipolar disorder: results from the Canadian rapid treatment center of excellenceDanielle Chad.cha@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0010Changes in symptoms of anhedonia in adults with major depressive or bipolar disorder receiving IV ketamine: Results from the Canadian Rapid Treatment Center of ExcellenceDanielle Chad.cha@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0012Successful Correction of Sagittal Imbalance by Single-segment Minimally Invasive Anterior Column Release with Anterior-to-the-Psoas Interbody Fusion Using Hyperlordotic Expandable Cage and Posterior Instrumentation: Case SeriesVelina Chavarrov.chavarro@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0013Classical Music in Cardiac Prevention and RehabilitationMax Chengmax.cheng@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0014A Rare Case of Hemifacial Spasm as the Predominant Manifestation of Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension in an AdultChristopher yu Chowv-chrchow@ochsner.org
MDST-0015Brain Injuries in Children with Congenital Heart Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisGautam Dagurg.dagur@uq.net.au
MDST-0016Dual Thoracic and Caudal Epidural Catheters for Abdominoperineal Resection: A Case Report on a Novel Approach for Postoperative AnalgesiaJaclyn Edelsonv-jedelson@ochsner.org
MDST-0017Hip Fracture Outcomes: A Retrospective StudyNordan Flaatenn.flaaten@uq.net.au
MDST-0018Aspirin overdose - what is a realistic risk assessment?Chris Henrychristopher.henry@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0019A Systematic Review of Contemporary Methods in Patellofemoral Joint Radiography and Grading of Patellofemoral OsteoarthritisJonathan Hilljonathan.hill@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0021More Than Just OSA: Non-respiratory Sleep Disorders in Australian Down Syndrome ChildrenAidan Howardaidan.howard@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0022A Multi-Center, Propensity-Matched Comparison of Homografts and Bovine Jugular Vein Conduits in the Pulmonary Position in Patients Younger than 20 Years of AgeNadia Husseinnadia.hussein@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0024Incidental Findings in the Emergency Department: A Literature ReviewMary Kassism.kassis@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0027Periorbital Myxedema treated with Intralesional HyaluronidaseAleksandra Lindgrenaleks.lindgren@gmail.com
MDST-0028Cutaneous Scar Outcomes: A Case Series of Secondary Intention Healing Following Mohs Micrographic SurgeryAleksandra Lindgrenaleks.lindgren@gmail.com
MDST-0029Defining patterns of inflammatory marker expression associated with cutaneous reactionsTimothy Liutimothy.liu@uq.net.au
MDST-0030An analysis of clinical outcomes based on anastomotic technique following esophagectomyXinyi Luoxinyi.luo@uq.net.au
MDST-0031Effect of pre-operative functional and nutritional status on surgical outcomes for esophageal cancersXinyi Luoxinyi.luo@uq.net.au
MDST-0032The effectiveness of different methods of debriefing in reducing simulation-induced anxiety (SIA) within the Emergency Department (ED)Shamima Banu Mohamed Ansaris.mohamedansari@uq.net.au
MDST-0033A Pilot Aquatic Exercise Program to Improve the Health and Well-Being of People with Dementia and their Family CarersShamima Banu Mohamed Ansaris.mohamedansari@uq.net.au
MDST-0034Good Old Days Bias in Paediatric Mild Traumatic Brain InjuryConrad Morelaconradmorela@gmail.com
MDST-0035Comparison of Augmented-Reality Templating and CT-Guided Templating for Primary Total Knee ArthroplastyNicholas Newcombv-nicnewcomb@ochsner.org
MDST-0036Pericapsular Nerve Group Block in Total Hip Arthroplasty Reduces Peri-operative ComplicationsNicholas Newcombv-nicnewcomb@ochsner.org
MDST-0037Prevalence and factors associated with Advance Health Directives in frail older inpatientsJames O'Learyj.oleary@uq.net.au
MDST-0038Brain-derived neurotrophic factor in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma as a potential biomarker for Huntington's diseaseAndy Ouandy.ou@uq.net.au
MDST-0039The role of POTS in recovery from concussion and in post-concussion syndromeAmelia Perria.perri@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0040Decision-making for the Management of Cystic Lesions of the Pancreas: How Satisfied are Patients with Surgery?Priya Purip.puri@uqconnect.edu.au
MDST-0041Comparing the Effectiveness of Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes (ECs) and Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs): a systematic review meta-analysisAathavan Shanmuga Anandana.shanmugaanandan@uq.net.au
MDST-0042Contrasting Adverse Effects Associated With Low And High Nicotine Concentration Electronic Cigarettes (EC): a systematic review meta-analysisAathavan Shanmuga Anandana.shanmugaanandan@uq.net.au
MDST-0043Contrasting Adverse Effects of Electronic Cigarettes (ECs) with Traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs): a systematic review meta-analysisAathavan Shanmuga Anandana.shanmugaanandan@uq.net.au
MDST-0045Data Template: Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests (OHCA)Viveeka Vimalanathanv.vimalanathan@uq.net.au
MDST-0046Morphometric Parameters of the Kidney Determined from CT Imaging in a Large Sample of Living Kidney DonorsThomas Vuthomas.t.vu@uq.net.au
MDST-0047Smoking's impact on esophagectomy outcomesAndrew Welchandrewmartin.welch@uq.net.au
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