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Office 365

Office 365 is available to all staff now and is free to access – all you need is a device, an internet or Wifi connection and your work email and password.   

The resources below outline how to access Office 365 applications including Teams, Outlook and OneDrive. 

Your first step to setup Office 365

When using Office 365 for the first time, you will need to setup your account and verify your identity. There are slightly different instructions on how to setup Office 365 if you’re using a work device or your own personal device.

View the relevant instructions below to setup your Office 365 account:

Need help with your verification authenticator?

You may need to check your mobile phone details are correct. Check or modify your security verification settings.

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For IT related support call Queensland Health IT Support

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Office 365 sign in

Signing into Office 365

Ensure you’re accessing the legitimate Office 365 website ( before inputting your email and password. Only click on links from credible sources.

Top functions to get you ready to work from home

Once you have setup your Office 365 account, you can start exploring the different applications and functionality to help you complete your job. Working in a digital space, there are slightly different processes to organise meetings and share documents.

Here are some common resources to help get you started.

Microsoft Teams – work remotely without feeling remote

Find different ways to collaborate with your colleagues through live chats, meetings and sharing files and apps in a single workspace. You can be added to an existing Team or create one for your team, colleagues or working group.

Meetings using Teams

Using Teams Live

To obtain access to Teams Live, an email is required to be sent to the Metro North Communications team ( Once received, required information will be sent to you so that access can be requested and to ensure required criteria has been met. Please note that this process may require an Online IT job to be logged for access to Teams Live and this should be considered as a potential delay to access when applying.

To determine if a Teams Live broadcast is an appropriate option for you, review the Microsoft Teams – Teams Live Broadcasts guide before requesting access

OneDrive – access files from anywhere

OneDrive is similar to how you use the network drive. It enables you to save and share files with colleagues in one secure space. Most importantly OneDrive allows you to work on documents with your colleagues simultaneously and can be accessed from any computer with internet connection – on your mobile, tablet or computer. You can control who and what people can view by adding permissions to folders or individual documents.

Use the quick reference guides below to set up your files and share with your team.

Microsoft Forms – create surveys and collect feedback

Microsoft Forms is an application that is available that is integrated into Microsoft Teams and available as a web application. This means you can easily create quick surveys to collect feedback and responses. The application is also capable of creating registration forms, educational quizzes or as a polling solution.

Microsoft Bookings – streamline bookings and automate correspondence

Microsoft Bookings is an application that is available and is a part of the Office 365 suite. It functions as a scheduling tool and can be used by your work area to streamline your booking process and automate correspondence to customers and staff.

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